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Zanico Services is a business consulting and training company focused on improving workplace performance by:


  • developing leadership capabilities
    "High energy, engaging, dynamic - Steve has successfully brought his passionate approach to our organization which has immensely helped us facilitate the development of our front-line leaders.”
    Sunny Ghali, Director – HR, Gordon Food Services Calgary
  • enhancing team dynamics
    "Steve has the ability to build instant rapport with a diverse audience, which has been invaluable in achieving all our client objectives."
    Sharon Torgerson, Director Leader and Employee Development - Suncor Energy


  • inspiring personal change
    “Steve was personal, engaging and gave me a chance to reflect and hold me accountable to my goals. I moved from being vague about my goals to being specific. With Steve’s help and guidance, I was able to learn and discover about myself, my passions and my goals. I have since published a couple of books, started my own business and am loving life.”
    Thushyanthan Amirthalingam, Photographer and Author


We work with organizations striving to raise the bar and the bottom line by:


Shield your employees
from the impacts of a negative workplace









Is Your Workplace Healthy?


Are You Contributing to a Toxic Workplace?

  • Reducing the impact of negative elements that create a toxic workplace
  • Expanding leader capacity to think and act effectively
  • Helping leader's articulate what they want to achieve in concrete terms
  • Training employees to recognize and change BADhaviours and BADitudes
  • Facilitating team improvement workshops to drive greater productivity, creativity and employee engagement
  • Coaching people to handle obstacles with focus and determination