Picnik anyone?

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pic4_fullWhether creating a powerful presentation or merely clean-up the family photos, you need to visit Picnik.  This is one awesome photo editing application and worth setting aside some time to investigate.

While in the process of creating my website, the designers from Ekzact Solutions introduced me to Picnik and I was blown away by the simplicity of this program.    Picnik is so easy to use you can forget about Photoshop or any other high end software packages.   I can tell you that I am not a graphic artist but I was amazed at what I created in only minutes.

Picnik allows you to import images from a wide variety of applications including FaceBook, Flicker, Webshots and those that you have filed away in your hard drive.   Once uploaded, you have a library of photo-editing tools (red eye, saturation, cropping) as well as a wide range of really cool effects (cinema boxing, puzzle pieces, matte).  Add in some fancy fonts and frames and you have an image worth sharing and posting.

Tweak to your heart’s content.  Enhance an image for a website or blog, create marketing material or enhance a presentation, Picnik will be a welcomed addition to your tool kit.   One warning – once you start using Picnik you will be hard pressed to contain your creative juices.   Even the pictures of your latest vacation, or family function will become targets for change.

The best part is that the online application is free though I chose to pay the small yearly fee of $24.95 (US) to have access to the whole library including the premium applications.  The designers are always adding to the site and the latest and greatest become the premium apps to start so it’s worth the few pennies a day.

I would recommend this online application and have added it to my Resource tab.  If you would like to see a short Youtube video about Picnik then pop over to the Ekzact Solution Blog site to see their take on Picnik.

Give it a whirl and let me know what your thoughts are.  In the meantime…

Create a wonderful day.


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  1. Tamirtha says:

    Wow, Steve,

    Thanks for sharing this bit of info. What a powerful tool; and available for anyone to use!

    I’ll make sure to pass along the word!

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