Take a Risk and Face your Fears

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COLD CALLING, Networking events, TV/Radio interviews…

All three excellent opportunities to reach out and connect with people, clients and customers.  Yet, three activities that produce various levels of fear in each of us.  Well, sign me up as I admit that each of these trigger my fight/flight response.


I recognize that it is tied to my pre-conceived notion of the risk involved and the fear built into that risk.

“What?  Steve you love meeting people, you deliver and speak to rooms filled with participants and you relish in telling your story”

True enough, but that does not diminish my self imposed high risk setting when I engage in these activities.  And for many, they share the same “setting” whether these three or:

  • looking to address an audience;
  • speaking with their boss;
  • dealing with customer issues.

The consequence of encouraging this risk is that a gap forms.  The greater the perceived risk, the greater the fear, the larger the gap.  A gap between playing it safe or “stepping out of the box” and that can freeze people in place.  So depending on where you are on the continuum will determine the impact of your actions.

Chris Argyris (business theorist/guru behind learning organizations) studied how people take action in difficult situations and thought the gap to be a new learning opportunity that creates reflection and dialogue.  He believes (yes, he is still alive and kicking at 85) a person cannot not be truly effective without this awareness.  In turn behaviours could be seen as controlling, fearful of being vulnerable, overly concerned with self (ego) and manipulative…to name a few (and more than enough to make my point). Certainly not attributes I strive for.

After my last post,  I put on my coaching hat and challenged myself; one cannot expect others to move forward if you are not willing yourself, thus the challenge.  I made a choice buy CBD products face my fears.  I registered for a workshop on cold calling (fear of confrontation), followed by my first networking event – where I did not know anyone (fear of rejection) and was asked to speak to a radio audience about what I do (oh my gawd, they will discover I am a fraud).  These are age old fears and I wanted to listen to their cry to stay put and not take a risk.   Nothing ventured, nothing gained and damn, if they were not as bad as I anticipated.  As a matter of fact, I felt more at ease and actually enjoyed the process.   Potential clients were open to my call (and I secured a couple of meetings), I met new people with a variety of skills and I am looking forward to my interview (Listen online to Bulletproof Business Radio).

“Everything you want is on the other side of fear” is what Alice Wheaton (www.alicewheaton.com) shared with us during the cold calling workshop and that stuck with me (Thanks Alice).   Am I “healed”, have I broken out of my box, have I chased the age old gremlins away?  NO but I made a choice and so far it is not so bad.  I am glad that I decided to make the move forward.

What will move you forward?

  • What fears have you locked in place?
  • What actions are you taking?
  • When will you do it and why not now?

My blog is at your disposal.  You may just want to reply and share your story here,

Until my next post…

CREATE a great day!

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  1. David West says:

    Great article Steve – I am looking forward to listening to the show on Friday. I may even dial in :-)

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