Gratitude is Contagious

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Ah, another year under the belt (in terms of age) and a chance to stop and reflect.   I do not do this often enough.  Today, I decided to stop and recognize all the wonderful things that have happened during the past few months (I could go back longer but then I would be writing a book).

Let’s see,

There was the recognition from eKzact Solutions as the Entrepreneur of the Month for May

Challenged myself and continued the lifelong learning cycle by completing my six month Fast Track Program from the Canadian Association of Public Speakers (CAPS) in early June, how to successfully challenge my fear of objections (especially when making a “cold” call) with the master, Alice Wheaton as my guide and completed my coaching accreditation through the Certified Coaches Federation (WOW, I can add letters behind my name IF I wanted to)

what else…

My first public advertisement, on the side of a chuckwagon no less (someday I will have the whole canvas – it’s on my bucket list) supporting the Banff Jasper Relay for the Brain Tumor Foundation of Canada

(look over to the left, I know it is a small one...for NOW!)

(look over to the left, I know it is a small one...for NOW!)

There was the blogtalkradio interview with Stuart R. Crawford focused on the Toxic Workplace.  That was really fun to do.  Stuart was a great host and helped to draw out many key points that support what I do.

I was also welcomed by Janet Salopek to speak to her University class on employee engagement.  The group was keenly interested in hearing my story and oddly, sparked this blog entry.  I was very fortunate for the opportunity to be a call centre manager.  We had a great team, the environment was positive and the learnings that I took away have provided a wealth of experience for the work that I do now.

And behind the scenes, (and most important) the unsung heros in my life.  Those people who support me in my business (the list would be long, but you know who you are); the hearty souls that push me to the edge (some much more than others); the brave ones that challenge my comfort zones (and ask me to question why); those that laugh easily, smile often and carry themselves with grace and strength.  All of whom have become a part of my “being” especially those who love me with all their hearts and seek little in return. (MUAH!)

Words, although strong, cannot express my gratitude  for all the people and experiences in my life.  What I can express to you is that this feeling of gratitude is very contagious and worth every moment to recognize.

So during the time of writing this blog, I was very much in a place of positivity and that energy (yes, for some this may be stretching you) affected my behaviour, my words and my disposition.  So much so that I began to notice how others were behaving and the results were also positive.  That left me wondering, maybe there is something to be said about just being grateful and being conscious of it.   I am not talking about brass bands or humorous jokes but just being grateful, it is personal and subtle.   A work in progress, I will let you know and until then,


So let me leave you with this thought and see if you experience the same things that I did. Let me know, we could be on to something (a collective of grateful people making noticeable changes in the lives of othersvery cool!)

What is the one experience or person that you are most grateful for?  Why?

Looking forward to your story.

CREATE a great day (thanks for that too!)

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