Desire – the emotion that sparks action

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To desire; such a basic emotion but one that shapes the world we live in.  It arouses the imagination, it is filled with hope, and it recognizes a gap that exists.  Desire is the spark that moves us forward but what can you do if the spark is snuffed.

Recently, I read about Camp Kindle.  It is a camp for kids (and families) with cancer.  A place where kids have a chance just to be kids.  It is also a story about the desire Christine Wandzura had over twenty years ago when her son, Derek, passed away with cancer in here Calgary.  He loved going to camp but it was located in BC.  It was then that Christine desired to create a place where kids with cancer in Alberta could go and she saw something that was missing, she dreamed of such a place and she worked towards that goal.  Without that desire, a burning desire, Camp Kindle would not have happened.

Another story about a dream, a desire and the conviction to make it happen.  How about your story?

Take a moment, stop and think of your greatest desire.  Does it make you smile or warm your heart?  Awesome!

Can you see what the impact will be have once you have reached that destination?  The faces, the emotions, the sense of accomplishment all mixed in together.  Fantastic!

So what’s next; what needs to happen today to take you closer to fulfilling your desire?  Has desire left the building?  Do you wonder if it will ever happen?  Is the fire only flickering?  How do you turn it into a raging campfire?

I have been pondering this myself.  The desire to have an impact on those around me has waned.  I have wondered why I even bother.  It would be easier to pack it in and live a much more quiet life.  Sound familiar?  YUCK!

So here is what I did to avoid just existing and move to realize my desire to ignite lives daily – my tagline and mantra.  Perhaps it will to serve to help you re-kindle the  flame.

1)    Recognize – acknowledge that you may be off course.  There is nothing wrong about admitting that you may be lost in the moment.  Have faith that you will be able to continue the journey forward.

2)    Reconnect – take stock of where you are; what inspired you and why this is important to you?  Re-visit the moment when desire was first ignited.  What happened to set you on the path you are now taking?

3)    Recruit – spread the word and talk to those people who are closest to you.  Be frank.  Ask for their help.  Let them know where you are.  They share your passion and they will not let you down.  They want you to succeed.

Finally, TAKE ACTION, even if it is a small step.   Build momentum; create enough sparks that will build into a fire.  Who knows, the next story I read to inspire me could be yours.  That would be absolutely thrilling!

What is your greatest desire?

What will ignite you to action?

Why not now?

2 Responses to “Desire – the emotion that sparks action”

  1. Leslie says:

    Hi Steve,
    Ahhh, yes the driving desire to keep achieving and moving forward. Thanks for sharing. I also feel this come and go at different stages – good to know I”m not alone. I just attended the Business of Bliss yesterday – it was all about living your passion, being in bliss (a women’s conference). It’s conferences like these that inject a little more fire into my desire. And of course, the support of friends and family that love me when I need a moment to “breathe” and “be”. The male community needs conferences like the wonderful women’s conferences I attend. Hmmm, maybe the object of your next desire?

  2. Steve Zanini says:


    Thanks for the comment. I must admit that I am envious of the numerous events and conferences that exist for women. I would attribute the volume of opportunities to those organizers who are focused, recognize that a gap exists and have a desire to fill that gap through community. Could this occur for men, I believe it can if the desire is great enough. I suspect that desire has not create the necessary momentum or tipping point to become real. However, your point that I consider tapping in on this with more vigor has merit. Hmmm…you may be the spark for my next venture. Thanks again!

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