2010, the year YOU can help a leader be more effective!

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Great News! I’ve been invited to deliver my first seminar for the University of Calgary and I’m requesting your help.

The program I’m teaching is PERFECT for managers/leaders who are responsible to build effective, collaborative and successful teams.

Promises! Promises! is an experiential learning seminar focused on building relationships amidst the chaos of seemingly different objectives. Operating in an environment of intrigue, deceit, scandals and conflicting priorities, participants experience how their behaviours affect the process of creating exceptional results.  Underlying theses challenges, participants experience first hand, elements of building trust, team unity, effective communication, personal leadership, risk assessment and resource management.

The design of the program places people on specific teams (represented by countries).  As a representative to one of the 10 different countries, the goal is to fulfill the promises made to your people while working to create a United League of Nations.

Personally, there is NOTHING like this program to experience first hand, many of the situations teams endure.

If you know of a manager, leader or decision maker who would like to engage in a fun and spirited learning experience, I would be grateful if you passed this information along – and I’m confident they’ll be grateful you did too!

Click here
for details & registration or contact me for more information.

Thank you for your help and continue to…

CREATE a great day!

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