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Toxic Workplaces; Creating Healthy Strategies

If you ask an individual to name a toxic employee in their workplace, it's almost guaranteed that they'll start to nod their head and offer you a name. Characterized by rising turnover, plummeting engagement, and losses in productivity and profits, toxic workplaces affect more than a company's bottom line. This interactive one-day workshop explores the characteristics of toxic workplaces, how these environments affect individuals, teams, leaders and organizations, and proven methods of cleaning up your "workplace toxins".

Learning Objectives and Outcome: As a result of attending this event, participants/you may expect to:

Define the term toxic workplace

Identify the characteristics oftoxic workplaces and the causes of these

Assess your role in the toxic situation

Discuss the affects of toxic workplaces in the areas of employee wellness and key organizational measures

Discover ways of dealing with toxic organizational systems, teams, peers and leaders