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Is Your Workplace Healthy?

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1. Do you understand how your role contributes to the company’s success?

2. Do leader behaviours align with the stated values of the company?
3. Do leaders avoid imposing their authority to get their own way?
4. Does your team have a set of norms or values which allow you to call out negative behaviours?
5. Are your team meetings effective and productive?
6. After your team meeting, do people walk away feeling heard and respected?
7. Is there an absence of micro-management?
8. Is there an absence of bullying, pot-shots and pointing out people’s mistakes?
9. Does clear communication render the rumour mill ineffective?
10. Do you receive timely and constructive feedback about your work?
11. Is feedback used mainly to improve people rather than punish behaviours?
12. Would you rate your workplace as being positive and energizing?
13. Are relationships used in a positive way to support people (rather than manipulating to get their own way)?
14. Do individuals share information rather than withhold it for personal gain?
15. Is everyone in your office accepted regardless of their personality or disposition?

11 or more: Congratulations! Your workplace is healthy and needs little intervention as you and your colleagues are working well to make it a positive and healthy workplace.

7-10: There is evidence that your workplace is in need of some attention to help make each day a positive experience.

6 or less: Your workplace is clearly negative and there are major interventions required from a toxic workplace specialist. Contact Me!

Your Score: