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Steve's tailored keynotes
inspire individuals to
seek immediate results.

Steve is a unique and engaging communicator who helps deliver key messages and challenges his participants to think differently. Wrapped in a relaxed atmosphere of humour and style, Steve uses the audience's energy for his passionate, results-driven approach.

As a keynote speaker for you, you can count on Steve to consult with you closely about:

the intended purpose of the session, program or conference

the desired outcome

the audience

the mood and tone you want to set


Current Keynotes:

The Toxic Workplace - Steve tackles the thorny issue of the toxic personality; the affects a person has on the health of the team and negative impacts on the bottom line. He reveals the critical steps to consider when looking to regain productivity and re-energizing strained relationships within the workplace.


From Two Days to Six Minutes - Speaking from a first person perspective, Steve shares his insights as to how people, attitude and effort combine to deliver service excellence and competitive advantage within a call centre.


Leading Change in the Workplace - Part 1 The Seven Principles of Team Development