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Let’s ignite your organization for results. These selected programs, from some of the best leadership and personal development companies, are designed and developed to help individuals and teams to move forward. As a recognized and accredited partner, Steve blends his natural presentation abilities with existing material to meet your unique needs.


Toxic Workplaces; Creating Healthy Strategies

Far too many companies suffer from some level of negativity in the workplace. When this reaches a critical level it becomes toxic and is felt by employees, clients and customers. This workshop speaks to the strategies to make the workplace “healthier.”




7 Habits of Highly Effective People™

Arguably the best foundational program for creating fundamental change in the way people approach their jobs, relationships and challenges.




Promises! Promises!™

As newly elected politicians representing one of 10 countries, participants must fulfill the promises they made to their constituents, no matter how outrageous, while operating in an environment of scandals, intrigue, fun and politics.




Knowing Me, Knowing You - Insights Discovery™ Assessment

A fun, engaging and informative session that enables participants to explore and develop their own interpersonal skills and leave ready to effectively impact those around them.




PowerfuLeader Workshoplets™

Cutting through hype, these Workshoplets offer straightforward, fad-free solution to leadership development - a series of brief, intensive, 90 minute "WorkshopletsTM" or "mini-seminars," based on the time-tested concepts and tools found in The Encyclopedia of Leadership.




The Five Dysfunctions of a Team™

Guides teams through a series of powerful exercises that help team members improve in each of five key fundamentals: trust, conflict, commitment, accountability and results


Firing Up Commitment System

You have invested in the development of your team but have you considered energizing them before the workshop and/or reinforcing the learning after the workshop. Why not do this in a fun and unique manner. Igniting Engagement and Sparking Retention are geared to make that happen inexpensively and effortlessly. Participants each receive a personalized reminder over a period of two weeks to two months, which will definitely create a buzz in the office.


In addition to the programs listed above, other topic areas include:

Body Language Interpretation Presentation Skills
Communication Skills Team Effectiveness
Customer Service Skills Team Building Events
Emotional Intelligence Leadership Skills