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Firing Up Commitment System

Igniting Engagement


Set your team up for success by communicating ahead of the workshop or presentation. Build the excitement, add in the element of fun and have participants anxious and talking about the next workshop, presentation, or team building activity.


Studies show that engaged participants learn more and retain more of the material offered so why not increase that level of engagement through the use of pre-planned personalized announcement cards. And the great thing is that they are delivered directly to each person. A picture or quote speaks volumes and shows your commitment to your employees so why not get them PUMPED before the next event?



Sparking Retention


Did you know that retention of material after a workshop or presentation declines rapidly two weeks after the initial session? A simple message, at the right time, can enhance an individual's ability to call upon ideas/thoughts delivered in the past


The Sparking Retention System is set-up to deliver the message on your behalf. Participants of a workshop/presentation each receive a pre-planned, personalized reminder card. The card carries key messages that you want to highlight for your team. This fun and novel approach recognizes the investment of the original program, reminds individuals of important learning and helps create opportunities to action.