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Knowing Me, Knowing You - Insights Discovery™ Assessment

Using the Insights Discovery Program as a backbone participants explore their personal effectiveness. Participants will explore understanding self, understanding others and most importantly, learn how to adapt to others. Connecting with other team members will effectively improve both the relationships and focus on results. This program is designed to engage participants in a variety of activities that are fun, memorable and linked to further areas of exploration. The Insight Discovery Program is about each team member understanding their role and their contribution to the larger group and business.


What each participant can expect from the program:

A 21 page personal Insights Discovery profile (highlighting personal strengths andweaknesses, value
to the team, effective communication, barriers to communication, possible blind spots and
management/motivational tactics)
Participative and interactive approach that addresses all learning styles
Memorable, fun and engaging exercises ("Perception detective", "Warp speed", "Who's is coming for
dinner" are some of the activity titles)
Common language that enables participants to discuss differences in a positive and respectful manner

Key learning points

Self awareness of how I perceive and behaviour in the world from a Jungian vantage point
Increased level of trust as other individuals understand my view of the world
Building of team unity through the use of a common language