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Promises! Promises!™

This experiential learning workshop from Eagle’s Flight, focuses on building relationships amidst the chaos of seemingly different objectives. Operating in an environment of intrigue, deceit, scandals and conflicting priorities, participants experience how their behaviours affect the process of creating exceptional results. Underlying theses challenges, participants experience first hand, elements of building trust, team unity, effective communication, personal leadership, risk assessment and resource management.


Participants grapple with the needs of their constituents and neighboring countries and wade through cultural barriers, lack of trust and poor communication to meet their goals. Alliances are created, abandoned and reformed but before the end of the five-year term, all countries have become a truly United League of Nations. In forcing people to deal with the pressures and obstacles of interdependent teams, this program powerfully demonstrates how different groups can be effective with seemingly different objectives. Promises, Promises, speaks to being part of a process, understanding who the customers are, being part of the big picture and how effective communication can deliver exceptional quality and service. To meet their goals and become a United League of Nations, they will need to understand the dependences each group has on the other and how to effectively manage the resources in hand.


What each participant can expect from the program:

A 12 page booklet that highlights the key analogies of the simulation versus the reality found back in the
work place
A personal application reminder that highlights key learning and a commitment to action
Engaging and memorable activity that will bond the group and speak to issues of trust and
An understanding of the bigger picture and how the engineering group links in with the various interests
and business functions

Key learning points

An experiential stimulation that highlights the impacts of a “we” versus “me” focus
Understanding the importance of fostering a trusting environment
Effects of clear communication
Learn how to maximize productivity through a win/win approach